Showcase Stage

Want the world to hear you? Especially a promoter? Do you have what it takes to play with the “big boys” (“girls” too!) and can’t get that break or exposure? Why not showcase your “stuff” at our Showcase Stage? Many promoters attend the Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival as our guests. We encourage them and you to get together. Call or write Tina Tackett, festival Showcase Coordinator soon! A demo packet with resume, current photos, a CD or tape, (recorded or live version) and return or e-mail address included. Some past bands have had great bookings from Poppy Mountain.

For the Youth in Bluegrass Series please add ages to the above requests. Showcasing is encouraged and as often as you desire. The Showcase Stage will be opened FREE for all showcasing on Tuesday at 12 PM. The organized Showcase Stage will occur Tuesday thru Friday and the Youth in Bluegrass Series begins Friday and continues thru Saturday.

Bands that have showcased at Poppy Mountain have been Mountain Heart, Ernie Thacker and Route 23, Ramona Church and Carolina Road, The Nuthin Fancy band, Southern Drive, Shades of Tyme, Full House, Trinity Mountain, The Dismembered Tennessians, and many many more!!!!!

Each band member will receive a single day ticket to showcase. You can showcase other days and times mentioned if already at the Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival.

Band members and one guest per member will receive daily passes to showcase. Send promo package with names to be included. If selected for the Band Guest List then Tina Tackett will contact the band’s contact no later than 3-4 weeks prior to the festival with confirmation times and locations. Contact Tina early to schedule a time to showcase!

To contact Poppy Mountain:
Poppy Mountain
Poppy Mountain
3715 US 60 East
Morehead Ky 40351
1-606-784-2277 Office